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Locally Product Locator

Steering online shoppers to nearby in-stock products is key to closing the sales loop and building brand loyalty. Locally collects real-time inventory from thousands of small, medium and large retailers globally.

A definitive omni-channel tool

For many shoppers, product fit, immediate gratification, expert advice, or being part of a local community are integral parts of their purchase experiences, especially for their first interaction with your brand. With Locally’s Product Locator, you can facilitate a seamless online-to-offline transition for these shoppers by guiding them directly to that item in stock in a nearby store.

Locally’s Product Locator for brand site product pages shows shoppers nearby availability—right down to color and size—and facilitates transactions for in-store or curbside pickup, same-day delivery, or ship-to-store.

Powered by real-time inventory feeds

Locally's Product Locator is powered by inventory feeds from over 10,000 global stores.

Our universal inventory sync allows retailers of nearly any technical sophistication to participate. Inventory is sent automatically at least once a day, often hourly, and in some cases in real-time.


Lock in sales at stores

Locally’s Product Locator makes the online-to-offline handoff between website and local store far more valuable for your site visitors by adding local transaction choices, fulfilled by your best stores.

Keep the shopper in an immersive brand experience all the way through local purchase rather than just sending them to a street address.

Designed for your business

Actionable Insights

Our Product Locator is customizable to match both your website and advance your business goals.

Every Product Locator is custom designed to seamlessly match your site.

Whether you are a major D2C brand seeking a laser-like approach for brand stores and key dealers, or you're seeking to build your site around this as the primary CTA, we have a solution for your company.

What if you knew what products shoppers were seeking out in-stores? What sell-in opportunities your retailers were missing? Every click and page load on Locally is tracked at the product and location level to provide your team with actionable insights on shopper behavior.



Arc'teryx guides shoppers to nearby stocking brand stores and key dealers. When an item is not in stock nearby, our Product Locator disappears from the page.

Let's join forces.

Locally is the world's top
online-to-offline shopping solution.

Whether you are a brand, a manufacturer, or a retailer, Locally can help you engage online shoppers in delightful, nearby transactions that create lifelong enthusiasts.

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